About Westwood Appliance

Westwood Appliance & Wilson Brothers Appliances have been in business here in L.A. since 1948.  Thousands of satisfied customers have relied on Westwood and the Wilson Bros. for all their manufacturer warranty and other repairs.

Here at Westwood Appliance, we have made a commitments to:

  • provide the most reliable and dependable service to our customers, while providing some of the most reasonable rates in the industry.
  • provide fast repairs on all makes and models of household appliances.
  • sell parts and complete appliances from most major manufacturers.
  • assist with locating part numbers, catalog number, and prices, as wells manufacturer direct parts.
  • offer the very best in friendly service and consider ourselves a company with standards superior to others.
  • strive to achieve the absolute best for our customers.

Licensed, insured and with many years of skillful repairs Westwood Appliance truly stands out from the rest.

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